Tuesday, May 24, 2011

Are we really reforming public education?

In this economical crisis world we live in today, are we really reforming public education or is our current economy reforming it for us? Are we, as a culture, passing on our cultural beliefs and not losing some of our "cultural identity" in the process? Well, take a moment to read and listen to Sir Ken Robinson talk about the "changing paradigms" on reforming public education and how there are 2 reasons for it. The first reason given is about figuring out how we educate our children to be involved in the 21st Century considering how we don't know what next week or the week after will look like economic wise. The second reason provided is to determine how we pass on our cultural genes of our communities while still being a part of globalization. We cannot continue to "meet the future" by continuing to do the same things over and over but expecting different results. Does this sound like a broken record to you? Probably so. However, we need to show our kids today the "purpose" of learning and attending school.

Yet, how can we do this with all the budget cuts states and localities are facing today across our nation? Take a look at what has happened in Providence, Rhode Island this year. Teachers there were given "pink slips" and still do not know their fate for the upcoming school year. Why? Articles all across America state that in doing this, it would give the school board "maximum flexibility" to deal with budget cuts. So, rather than focusing on how we (America) got to this point, we need to focus on how we can move beyond it all no matter how we all are struggling.

You may be asking yourself "How can this be done?" Well, the ongoing project "Imagination Age" addresses how we can move out of the "anesthetic experience" where our students and teachers have shut their senses off and deadened themselves from what is happening around them, and move toward the "aesthetic experience" where our students and teachers senses are fully immersed and alive through "changing education paradigms." To learn all about this project, visit the site "Imagination: Creating the Future of Education and Work" and let me know what you think about it all. It truly "makes you think!" ☺

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